Sunday, December 25, 2011

Destiny's Temporary Move To Aloha Tower: "When you're thrown a curve ball - hit it out of the park."

Our new Church had to relocate from our usual meeting place at University of Hawaii Campus Center Ballroom & Art Building in Manoa Valley, because UH decided to close their facilities for the holidays for three weekends. We were caught off guard & had to scramble to find a place. Through a great friend (TC), we were able to get usage of the Aloha Tower Marketplace outdoor concert area.

Ever gotten last minute news that forced you to scramble around and make major adjustments to your normal routine. Well, it happened to us recently and we had to find a new location for our church service for three straight weeks before we return to UH. I'm grateful for such an awesome team of leaders that helped me to strategize quickly and adjust to the challenging situation that we were facing. We chose to see this situation as a God opportunity. We decided that we were going to take this curve ball and hit it out of the park.

The Lord put on our hearts to use these three weeks at Aloha Tower to be used more as an outreach opportunity to our community. So today, we had our Aloha Kalikimaka Concert with some of our awesome artist from our church. Worship filled the air & it was so awesome. We also started an annual outreach called the Aloha Kalikimaka Blessing that gives away $100 cash to every single parent we invite to church. It was a tear jerker for sure to see our single parents receive their blessing from the Lord. Our church attendance increased & many lives were touched by God's love.

Next week, we have our New Year's Barbecue Bash. We are having our regular church service with praise & worship then a Inspirational message from the Bible. It will be followed by some good ole barbecue and fellowship. We are anticipating a great turn out. Lesson learned: Sometime's life will throw you some curve balls...but remember, take a swing and hit it out of the park. Let's Do This!

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