Monday, January 23, 2012

Increasing Your Capacity To Lead

Capacity is the power of containing or holding. In the context of the mind, capacity is the power of receiving ideas or knowledge. Leaders should desire to increase their capacity in several areas.
Increase is a personal decision. It does not happen automatically or overnight, but gradually as you make certain strides toward increasing in certain areas. Here are five areas where good leaders become great leaders through increase.
1. Increase your faith capacity.
Faith is the substance of vision, dreams, and moving into the future. Faith is needed to be a great leader because you must have faith to believe and see what you believe will happen.
In what areas do leaders need to increase in faith? Increase in faith in God and God’s Word. Have faith that God will provide all that is necessary as the need arises.
2. Increase your people capacity.
Leadership and ministry is all about people. It is relational, caring, loving, and serving people. Getting along with and caring for people is at the heart of leaders with people capacity.
Henry Ford once said, “Why is it that I always get the whole person when what I want is a pair of hands?” This is the attitude in leaders who have little capacity for people. People are not machines, but individuals. We must recognize and affirm the importance of the whole person. Respect, dignify, and honor people.
3. Increase your change capacity.
Things change! We need to change, be flexible, be adjustable. Change is not the enemy. Changing the wrong thing is.
Change is also one of the greatest agents of momentum. It is okay to change the way you do things as long as the change does not violate your core principles and values.
4. Increase your grace capacity.
Our heart and life make up a container that must be filled to capacity with grace. We need capacity to be gracious, graceful, grace filled, and grace motivated.
“Graceful leadership” implies that leadership within the context and life of the Christian community is, or at least ought to be, different from other kinds of leadership. Our leadership should be motivated out of genuine concern for the needs of others and deference to their condition – how we can best serve them through our leadership.
5. Increase your team capacity.
Coach rather than control. Mentor as well as manage. Strengthen as well as supervise. Be a leader who empowers. Create shared vision.
When you create a team atmosphere, more people contribute, you get more ideas, and more people are reached. Don’t hold too tightly to your ministry. It belongs to God. Great leaders are champions of the team.

~F Demaggio

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