Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Article by Christine Caine

Measure the Right Things
As I look back over the past 21 years of ministry, it would be so easy to define "success" by how many people I have spoken to, how many books I have written, how many speaking engagements I fullfil each year, or how many girls we have seen rescued and restored from human trafficking. It is so easy to place value on numbers, lists, and accomplishments...and although these things are good and admirable, we must ensure success is measured by the right things.

The longer I continue in leadership the more “casualties” I find because it is not as easy to go the distance as some think. Often when we are starting we can never imagine being derailed, but unless we keep our heart, motives, and actions right, at some point we will be.

In all of our doing we must continually evaluate our lives to determine whether or not we are becoming more like Christ.

• Is our faith growing?

• Are we developing the fruits of the spirit?

• Are we enjoying the journey?

• Do we love God and His church more and not less?

• Are we still filled with awe and wonder or are we getting cynical, disillusioned, disappointed, or discouraged?

• Are we more committed to building His kingdom rather than our own empires?

• Do we still value things like commitment, faithfulness, loyalty, submission, honor, and respect?

It is amazing what we are willing to sacrifice on the road from “here” (wherever we are) to “there” (that elusive place we are all looking to get to). But what if “there” is not the place God has for us? It might be the place that man values, that is in the limelight, or that is celebrated...but not necessarily the place God has called you and I to be. What if ministry is not just about more, bigger, better, or quicker?

I have discovered that just because something is not known or applauded on earth does not mean that it is not recorded or valued in heaven. Some of the most significant kingdom enterprises may never be known by most of us this side of eternity.

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